Competitive High quality wheel loader L968F

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Advantage introduction : 

1、The wheel loader is equipped with Weichai WD10G240E202 engine which features high power reserve, high torque, strong power, low fuel consumption, high quality, low emission and high reability.
2、VRT200 gearbox is adopted with front four and rear four gear positions to render better transmission efficiency and larger transmission ratio of forward positions 1 and 2 owing to the one additional position, and its comprehensive efficiency is increased by over 8%。 
3 Reinforced drive axle is adopted with strengthened design, strict technology and guaranteed quality. The rear axle adopts the swing type support with improved reliability, large bearing capacity and service life increased by 50%. 
4、The new generation of brand new optimized front and rear frames are adopted with reliable VOLVO technological reliability, rational distribution of load, rational structure and twofold fatigue life.  
5、The working hydraulic system adopts high-end Parker multiway valves and Permco working pumps which are reliable and highly efficient.  
6、Steel engine hood produced using automotive grade molds is adopted. It adopts the streamlined structure with surface welded points removed, making it look attractive and magnificent. The molded balance iron employs a more powerful shape to provide high reliability and strength. 

Energy efficient
The electric control high pressure common rail engine is adopted with torque increased by 12% to provide better power performance. 

1、Compared to the mechanical engine, the electric control engine is characterized by low noise and small vibration, thus increasing the comfort during operation and driving.  
2、The new generation cab is adopted with space increased by 15% to enhance safety and comfort. The attractive curved front windshield provides a broad view. 

1、The engine hood and heat dissipation hood adopt the large opening design to provide larger space for maintenance. 
2、The oil cylinder adopts a unified design and the seals have a universal height to facilitate storage of accessories and maintenance. 
3、Electric system centralized control mode is adopted. The fuse and relay of the entire machine are installed in a centralized control box to facilitate inspection and maintenance. 

Overall dimension

L*W*H 8680*3200*3470mm
Wheel base 3400mm
Min. ground clearance 530mm
Max. dumping height 3250mm
Dumping distance 1090mm
Dumping angle 45
wheel tread 2250mm
steering angle 38
horizontal crossing radius 7140mm
Min. turning radius 6062mm

Overall parameters

Backet capacity 3.5m3(optional 3.0-5.0)
Rated load 6000kg
operating weight 19950kg
Max. tractive force 180kN
Max. breakout force 210kN
Tipping load 128kN


Model WD10G240E201
Type Inline, watercooled, dry cylinder liner, direct injection
Rated power 178kW
Rated speed 2200r/min
Engine displacement 9726ml
Max. torque 1000N.m
Emission standard GB 20891-2007(China Phase II)
Min. fuel-consume ratio 230g/kw.h

Transmission system

Torgue converter single-stage three-element
single-turbine hydraulic torque converter
Transmission type Axis-fixed electro-hydraulic transmission
Gears Forward 4 reverse 4

       Hydraulic system of working device

Type Hydraulic pilot control
total time 10.3s

Brake system

Service brake type Air over hydraulic disc type
Parking brake type Electric pneumatic caliper disc type

Steering system

Type Load sensing full hydraulic articulated steering
System pressure 21 Mpa

Fill capacity

Fuel 350L
Hydraulic oil 220L
Engine 20L
Transmission 28.4L
Drive axle Forward 40L+ reverse 40L
Braking system 4L

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