Tri-axle Fence Semi-trailer 60 ton

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Length 13,000mm
Width 2,500mm
Height 2,900@unload
Box Body Dimension
(600mm side wall+200mm spacing +400mm fence)
King Pin Location Approx 1,100mm from the front face of the front bolster.
Landing Gear Position Approx 2,520mm from the king pin.
Axle Spacer Approx 7,000mm+1,310mm+1,310mm
King Pin Height Approx 1,290mm with the chassis level
Tare Weight 8,500kg
Max. Payload:
Gross Vehicle Weight 68,500kg
Steel Structure
Frame The frame is made up of main beam, cross beam, side beam and steel plate.
Material High strength low alloy steel Q345B is used for welded I-beam and Q235 is used for the fabricated parts
Main beam
“I” shape, welded by automatic submerged arc welding. Material is mild alloy Q345B, height 500mm, upper flange thickness 16mm, middle flange thickness 8mm, and bottom flange thickness 16mm.
Cross beam
Q235 channel beam, height 100mm.
Side beam
Q235 channel beam, height 160mm.
Floor Flat sheet, thickness 2.5mm.
Side wall and Fence Detachable, side wall height is 600mm, fence height is 1200mm, and total height is 2000mm including spacing.
King Pin 3.5’’ (90#) bolting king pin.
Landing Gear 2 speed road side winding with sand shoe. Lift capacity 28ton.
Suspension Heavy duty under mount tri-axle suspension with equalizers 10-leaf spring.
Axles Square axle, 16 tons capacity each.
Tires 12.00R20, 12 pcs
Brake System Dual air brake system; none ABS system.
Brake Chamber Type 30/30 on the rear two axles, type 30 on the front axle.
Electrical System 24 volt lighting system with modular wiring harness, 7 way ISO receptacle in front of the front bolster, Chinese brand.
Light System standard
Side Guard standard
Tool Box Equipped one set
Painting Color according to request.

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