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This product is a product of our company and the 2005 water well drilling through South Korean technology introduction, and has been continuously innovated and perfected by our company in the 7 years of practical production. This product has wireless remote control operation, four-corner hydraulic balance and automatic loading and unloading drilling rig, the drill pipe is fast and high-speed, the bottom frame shifting realizes the center dislocation and facilitates the lowering of the protective tube, and has the advantages of convenient maintenance at a later stage and low maintenance cost, which is deeply affected by actual production.
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Maximum opening depth 200 meter
Drilling diameter 100-219 mm
Working pressure 1-3.45MP
Total air consumption 16-55 cubic meters / minute
Drill pipe length 1.5meter/unit
Drill pipe diameter 76mm
Axial pressure 2 Tons
Lifting force 5 Tons
Swing torque 1000–2600nm
Swing speed 0-100 turn
Walking speed 30km/h
Gradeability 21°
Overall size 4000*1900*2200mm
Main machine weight 3.5Tons

Quotation for all in one set

Item Model Quantity Unit price CIF USD Total price CIF USD
Main machine
Diesel power
Z-WCTL180 1 18,500 18,500
Drill pipe 76*6*1500 180meter 52/meter 9,360
Impactor HD45A 1 1,250 1,250
Drill head 115mm 1 860 860
High pressure duct 51*3P 40meter 30/meter 1,200
Air compressor
Diesel power
18/20 1 38,500 38,500

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