Rotation Type Tow truck 20 ton

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Overall Dimensions 10540mm*2496mm*3640mm(L*W*H)
Dead Weight 23710kg Front Overhang 1500mm
Wheelbase 5800mm+1400mm Rear Overhang 1840mm
Rated Tow Weight 30ton
Chassis Brand& Model SINOTRUK HOWO ZZ1257N5847C
Axle Number 3 axles, driving type 6×4
Cab HW76, left hand drive, air-conditioner, one sleeper
Engine SINOTRUK WD615.69, 336hp, Euro II emission standard, 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine, 6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooling, displacement 9.726L
Transmission HW15710, No. of speeds: 10 forward & 1 reverse
Steering German ZF8098, turning system pressure 18MPa
Clutch 430, Single-plate dry clutch
Rear Axle HC16 tandem axle, rated load 2x16ton
Wheels and tires Rim 8.5-20; tire 12.00-20, 10 units, with one spare wheel
Brakes Service brake: Dual circuit pneumatic brake; Parking brake: Spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels; Auxiliary brake: Engine exhaust brake
BOOM Max. lift weight when boom all retracted 20000kg
Max. lift height when boom all extended 9500mm
Telescopic distance 3510mm
Range of elevation angle 0-50°
Rotation angle 360°continuous
UNDER-LIFT Max. parking lift weight when under-lift all retracted 16000kg
Max. parking lift weight when under-lift all extended 5600kg
Rated running lift weight when under-lift all retracted 7600kg
Max. effective length 2980mm
Telescopic distance 1640mm
Range of elevation angle -9°-9
Folding angle 102°
WINCH& CABLE Rated pull of winch 100KNx2units
Cable diameter*Length 18mm*30m
Min. line speed of cable 5m/min
LANDING LEG Support force of landing legs 4x147KN
  Longitudinal span of front and rear landing legs 6300mm
  Transverse span of front outriggers 5110mm
  Transverse span of rear landing legs 4060mm

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