Flatbed Tow Truck 3 ton

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Model ST5061TQZKP
Overall Dimensions 7390mm*2200mm*2610mm (L*W*H) 
Curb Weight 4720kg
Brand & Model BJ1089VEJED
Axle & Driving Type 2 axles, driving type 4×2
Cab Right hand drive, air conditioner, 3 passengers
Engine Phaser135Ti, power 101kw, Euro 2 emission, 4-stroke diesel engine, 4-cylinder in-line with water cooling
Tire Model 8.25R16, 6units
Brand & Model LUFENG 3T3P
Dimension 5450mm*2200mm(L*W)
Flabed Sliding Distance 3100mm
Loading Capacity 3000kg
Rated Pull Force of Winch 40 KN
Min. Inclination Angle 8°
Max. retracted lift weight 1600kg
Max. extended lift weight 1200 kg
Max. effective length of under-lift 1705mm
Telescopic distance of under-lift 1200mm
Rated towing capacity 7000kg
Winch quantity one
Rating pull force 40kN
Diameter of cable rope φ12mm
Length of cable rope 26m

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