Bentoni water drilling rig

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GXY-2 Bentoni water drilling rig is mainly used for core drilling, project site survey, hydrology, water well and micro drilling rig construction. It has a large number of speed stages and a reasonable speed range. The drilling rig has high power, small size, light weight and strong versatility.

Technical data
drilling depth                     300~600m
drill pipe diameter                     ф42 mm; ф50mm
Drilling hole angle                     360°
drilling machine size               l×w×h2160×950×1800mm
weight                    without engine1280kgs
Vertical shaft speed:
Positive low speed                  70121190263r/min
high speed                  3295708991241r/min
Reverse low speed                  55 r/min
high speed                  257 r/min 
Vertical axis travel                  600mm
Vertical axis rated pullout force            72KN
Vertical axis rated plus pressure            54KN 
Vertical axis Inner diameter                  ф68mm
Vertical axis  Large torque              2760N·M
max lifting capacity low speed single rope ):    30KN 
Speed                   3765103141 r/min
lifting speedsingle wire ):    0.410.731.151.58m/s
wire size                   ф16mm
Wire Rope Capacity               50m
mobile device
mobile cylinder travel              465mm
the distance to hole opeing             315mm

Bentoni water drilling rig

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